Fundamentals of Document Destruction
Learn how to shred those important document just like the big corporations do!  This seminar includes plenty of  materials to shred and a hands-on workshop.
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Learning to Cope With Inept Coworkers
Let's face it, we all work with them.  This seminar will give you the skill and patience to deal with the idiots and complete morons who occupy the space around you.
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Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior in a Discreet Manner
When employees misbehave, they must be dealt with.  Learn the secrets of the pros in dealing with these bad apples (must bring own rope and gag).
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Showing Them the Door: How To Humanely Let Your Employees Go
Terminating an employee is never fun, but you can at least make it humane.  Find out secrets like the best day of the week to fire someone, as well as 10 tips to avoid litigation.
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Hi, I'm Ted Misanthrope, president and CEO of the Tryan Learn Institute. Welcome to our web site, and feel free to browse around to see what we have to offer.  I think you'll find that our seminars rival other  companies for quality, content and price.  Our staff of highly trained and dedicated seminar instructors will guide you through various topics in your quest for knowledge.

Here at the Tryan Learn Institute, our motto is "Try.  Learn.  Succeed."  And if that doesn't work, we offer a full money back guarantee (minus a 75% restocking fee).

So welcome to the Tryan Learn Institute!

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Welcome to the Tryan Learn Institute

Try.  Learn.  Succeed.
The Tryan Learn Institute has been producing quality seminars since early 2007 and is committed to continuing that standard for many months to come.  Feel free to browse our site and see the variety of quality seminars we have to offer.

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